Against the background of the meeting of the Agriculture and Fisheries Council (AGRIFISH) on 10 April, where European Agriculture Ministers aligned with the European Parliament and the European Commission’s proposed CAP Delegated Acts, 11 European food and farming NGOs (including EPHA) sent an open letter to the Greek Presidency and the European Commission calling on the EU and national leaders to ensure that the CAP delegated acts and implementation of new rural development programmes enhance agro-ecological solutions, rather than support agro-chemicals

The key demands outlined by the coalition of farming, environmental, development, consumer and public health groups included:

  • Prohibiting the use of agrochemicals on Ecological Focus Areas by putting in place an EU-wide ban
  • Not favouring the cultivation of nitrogen-fixing crops over other landscape features.
  • Ensuring a strong commitment from Member States to invest in advanced sustainability measures, such as organic farming and agri-environment-climate measures under new rural development programmes (RDP)
  • A guarantee that Member States are able to demonstrate to the Commission that there is no roll back on the positive RDP environmental and socio-economic outcomes resulting from past reforms.


European Public Health Alliance join other European food and farming NGOs in a call to policymakers to enhance agro-ecological, rather than agro-chemical oriented solutions to food and farming in Europe.


To learn more about why and how agro-ecology supports public health, as well as why it is important to align health and nutritional outcomes with the Common Agricultural Policy of the EU, see our other EPHA articles

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