Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan is a major step in EU public health policy

3 February 2021, Brussels.

Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan is a major step in EU public health policy. EPHA is encouraged by the Beating Cancer Plan’s comprehensive, multi-pillared approach to tackling cancer, a leading cause of death, human suffering and an increasing burden on our health systems. As a flagship initiative introducing an integrated package of measures across prevention, detection, treatment and care, it illustrates the added value the EU can bring to Europeans when it commits to a strong health agenda.

In dealing with cancer, the Plan also creates co-benefits in the fight against other non-communicable diseases (NCDs). This especially in terms of the initiatives it introduces on a range of common NCD risk factors and in paving the way for future health policy-making in this space.

Sascha Marschang, EPHA Acting Secretary General said: “EPHA is a fully committed partner in ensuring the ambitious implementation of Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan. We will analyse the details of the Plan, together with the Cancer Mission Board’s recommendations, and will focus on where engagement with our members and cooperation with partners can add most value.

We will also continue to do our utmost to ensure this Plan does not remain a one-off initiative. We see it as the first in a new series of comprehensive strategies to address Europe’s main burdens of ill-health and create the enabling conditions for human well-being”.

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