Insights from medical doctors involved
in AI-based innovation

14 December 2023

11:00 - 12:00 CET


Artificial intelligence (AI)-based solutions to health issues are exponentially growing. The European Commission legislative proposal on AI has, however, failed to address the specific challenges that come with the deployment of AI-based solutions in healthcare settings. In this context, while some praise the potential of AI to improve the quality, efficiency and access to healthcare, others raise concerns in terms of equity, privacy, transparency and accountability. 

This webinar aims to clarify some key concepts that might help us better understand the prospective benefits, best practices and precautionary measures that should be considered when designing and deploying AI-based tools in health settings.  To do so, EPHA has invited four medical doctors who are involved in AI innovation to answer some of our questions and concerns. Our speakers have a deep knowledge of both the medical practice and the tech world, and they are therefore particularly well-qualified to shed light on this topic. 

Jaisalmer de Frutos Lucas, EPHA’s Policy Officer for Digital Transformations, will be interviewing these four physicians during the webinar.

Confirmed Speakers

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