Fixing the antibiotic innovation pipeline

MEP Interest Group on AMR

17 November 2020

11:00 - 12:00 CET


The third of three online discussions in the run-up to European Antibiotic Awareness Day hosted by the MEP Interest Group on AMR to raise awareness of the need for action, and find evidence-informed policy solutions to this urgent threat to human, animal and environmental health.

Take part in the debate and discuss what can can be done to boost actions to tackle AMR at EU level.




The current antibiotic innovation pipeline is broken. The last antibiotic class that was successfully introduced as a treatment was discovered back in 1987. As resistance grows, it is key to develop new tools and invest in research into new antibiotics and alternatives to avoid further spread of diseases and increased resistance.

Earlier this year, the pharmaceutical industry launched a US$1bn AMR Action Fund that aims to bring two to four novel antibiotics to the market by 2030. Still, many details of the Fund need to be disclosed and this initiative does not diminish the crucial need for public investment across the entire chain to address the market failures in antibiotic research and innovation.

Moreover, the awareness of the relationship between the use of antimicrobials and the development and spread of AMR is still low. The misuse and overuse of antibiotics has to end, alternative treatments and stewardships for healthcare professionals need to be offered and a focus should also be put on better access to rapid and affordable diagnostic tools.

The panelists discussed how can the development of new needs-driven models to finance and stimulate antibiotic R&D could be supported and how the EU could promote R&D models that ensure responsible use of and equitable and affordable access to antibiotics.


Helle Aagaard

Deputy Director, ReAct Europe

Tim Jinks

Head of the Drug-Resistant Infections Programme, The Wellcome Trust

Marc Gitzinger

Vice-President, BEAM Alliance

Willo Brock

Senior Vice-President of External Affairs, TB Alliance

Hosted by

Tiemo Wölken MEP

Vice-Chair of the MEP Interest Group on Antimicrobial Resistance - S&D, Germany

Moderated by

Zoltán Massay-Kosubek

Policy Manager, European Public Health Alliance

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