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The European Public Health Alliance, together with Slow Food Europe, BirdLife Europe, Euro Coop, Friends of the Earth Europe and Eurogroup for Animals sent out a letter to President of the European Commission, and several Commissioners demanding the publication of a dropped communication on Sustainable Food. The initiative follows a similar message sent out by the EU Food Sense group earlier this year.

The breadth of the coalition that has come together reflects the complexity of the food system in Europe and around the world: food production, distribution and consumption systems should examine, speed up and financially incentivise options that support informed and easy consumer choices moving towards healthy and sustainable diets, including a reduction in the consumption of ultra-processed foods, foods high in fats, salt and added sugars, animal-based foods, and an increase in plant-based foods, in particular fruit, vegetables and wholegrains.

EPHA was very much looking forward to the publication of the said Communication throughout 2013 and then – when continuously delayed through 2014 – participated in the Commission’s public consultation. It has reacted with disappointment on learning that the initiative has now been removed from the Commission’s work plan.

The sustainable food debate is urgently needed now to link the huge cost impacts of preventable diet-related diseases with governments’ ability to deliver good quality health services for its present and future populations.

Download the COALITION’S LETTER sent to President of the European Commission, EU Health, Agriculture and Environment Commissioners.