Food Policy Coalition manifesto: Making sustainable food a political priority

EPHA celebrates and endorses the Food Policy Coalition manifesto for the 2024 European Elections.

This Manifesto, published in March 2023, reflects the common demands of 26 of EU Food Policy Coalition participants for better food systems in the EU.

Together we call for:

  • Making sustainable food a top political priority
  • Adopting a strong EU sustainable food systems law
  • Reinforcing the EU’s common food policy
  • Using EU budget fairly to support more resilient food production
  • Engaging all governance levels in food system transformation


In 2024, more than 400 million citizens from across the Union will have the opportunity to elect their representatives in the European Parliament and shape the agenda for the rest of the decade. With soaring food and energy costs against the backdrop of climate change, the need to build a stronger, fairer and more resilient European Union is clearer than ever.


To address today’s mounting challenges, EU institutions must take a new approach and tackle food supply and demand. The EU must ensure access to healthy sustainable diets for all, i.e., diets with lower intake of animal products, sugar, salt and fats, increased consumption of fruits, vegetables, legumes and nuts – diets that can reverse the alarming rise of diet-related illnesses, slash greenhouse gas emissions, and deliver a whole range of social and environmental co-benefits. To achieve this, innovative policies are required to build food environments where the healthy, sustainable choice is the most available, affordable and attractive.


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