10 December 2018
Ploieşti, Romania

The event was organised by national NGO Pakivale (“Brotherhood”) and the European Public Health Alliance on 10 December in Ploieşti, Romania. It brought together representatives of the relevant European and national institutions, municipalities, NGOs and members of Roma communities to discuss the issue of Roma mobility within the Member States (MS) of the European Union (EU). The aim was to address questions that have remained unanswered over a long period of time but that have marked the lives of thousands of Roma people across Europe, including the following:

  • The limits of the free movement directive in the Roma context
  • The state of play of the infringement procedure against Italy
  • Are the National Roma Integration Strategies (NRIS) used as a pretext by MS to “ping-pong” European Roma citizens from one MS to another?
  • Transnational cooperation among MS to hinder Roma mobility
  • Measures put in place to ease the re-integration of repatriated Roma

In particular – In the context of the upcoming Romanian Presidency (Jan – Jun 2019) – the event aimed to raise awareness of the issue, which concerns many Romanian citizens of Roma background.

Marius Tudor

Roma Health and Early Childhood Development Project Manager

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