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EPHA joins other civil society organisations in calling on the European Commission to explicitly recognise and address the need to move towards less and better animal product consumption and production in the EU.

The letter raises alarm that the issue of animal farming has so far been absent from the Commission’s communications on the upcoming Farm to Fork Strategy. Not addressing the unsustainability of a big part of Europe’s current animal farming models and the overconsumption of meat, dairy and eggs jeopardises the strategy’s credibility and viability to achieve a sustainable food transformation.

Farmed animals have a place in sustainable food systems, but farmers producing to higher standards deserve to get a fair price for their work and more support is needed for a transition to such production models.

The letter calls for an action plan with binding targets and a set of measures to reduce industrial animal production, support better animal farming, and create enabling food environments for the uptake of more healthy, plant-rich diets.