Joint Statement | Strengthening health emergency preparedness and building back better

In September 2022, the European Public Health Association published a joint statement co-signed by several health NGOs, including EPHA. The purpose of this letter is to address the health emergency preparedness, learn from the pandemic, and improve the general healthcare system by investing in new infrastructure with fair access to vaccines and medical treatments.

We must close these gaps now; not just as a matter of fairness, but also to mend fractures in society, reduce polarization and restore trust in public bodies. In doing so, we must constantly focus on sustainable change for the benefit of all, as set out in the SDGs.

These are the words used by the European Commission to stress the importance of comprehensive and collective action to not leave anyone behind and guarantee health equality. Even if we know it’s not an easy process, it’s part of our duty to set high standards and make sure the same mistakes won’t be repeated. To reach these goals, the help and collaboration from the member states are fundamental not only to building back a better healthcare system, but also to the social, commercial, and political environment.



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