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Maja Saitovic

<img8345|left> Maja Saitovic – Jovanovic was one of the three EPHA Roma Health Fellows under the 1st Roma Health Fellowship programme (2012-2014) sponsored by the Open Society Foundations. The overarching goal of the programme was to empower Roma Health Advocates to develop the necessary tools to engage with European policy makers. The tailored assistance included mentoring and training components on the key EU health processes. The fellowship also facilitated establishing partnerships and potential collaborations with relevant EU actors.


Maja Saitovic – Jovanovic graduated in 2006 from the Medical Faculty – University of Nis in Serbia as a dentist. In 2007, Maja got enrolled for postgraduate studies in “Roma Access Program” (RAP), in the Central European University in Budapest. In 2007, Maja was accepted as an intern in the European Commission and was the first Roma trainee at the Directorate General for Health & Consumer Protection, (DG SANCO), in Luxembourg.

Guided with a desire to specialize in public health, Maja completed in 2008 MA in Environmental Health at the Cyprus International Institute for the Environment and Public Health in association with Harvard School of Public Health.

In 2010 Maja attended an MA program in Health Management at the Medical University of Belgrade in Serbia. Maja has been actively participating at various national and international Roma health projects starting from 2004 and was a consultant for the WHO Serbia on Roma health in 2009. Since September 2010, Maja joined the Open Society Foundations Public Health Program in Budapest as a program coordinator on Roma health.

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