Mental health in the eye of the COVID-19 hurricane

The European Public Health Alliance joins calls for national, European and international decision-makers to take mental health and well-being into account during and in the aftermath of the COVID-19 crisis in the following ways:

1. Integrate mental health concerns into all crisis-response activities.
2. Communicate efficiently while containing panic and fear.
3. Protect the mental health of frontline workers.
4. Recognise the role of informal carers and provide them with adequate support,
counselling and training.
5. Assess and manage risks in work organisations.
6. Ensure timely access to and continuity of treatment and care for all who need it during
and after the pandemic.
7. Protect the mental health of people in vulnerable situations, including older people.
8. Adopt a whole-of-society approach to mental health.

The organisations call on the European Commission to ensure that mental health is part of the updated work programme, to ensure that it has proper significance in national and European policies and invite the Commission to begin a reflection on mental health during a pandemic as soon as possible

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