More ambitious targets are needed to ensure all children have access to quality early childhood education and care

The EU Alliance for Investing in Children (Alliance) brings together over 30 European networks representing millions of children, families, professionals, and volunteers sharing a commitment to end child poverty and to promote child well-being across Europe. On December 12, the Alliance released a reaction to the adoption of the Council Recommendations on the revision of the Barcelona Targets.

At a time when over a quarter of children in the EU are at risk of poverty and social exclusion, the Alliance partners urgently call for the setting up of an ambitious European Care Strategy, well-equipped to deliver for all children. Combined with the proper implementation of the European Child Guarantee, the Strategy has the potential to catalyse political commitment and policy and budgetary reforms within EU Member States in support of children’s access to inclusive, affordable, and quality early childhood education and care (ECEC), while helping to improve the quality of life of children, families, and carers. For this reason, whilst highlighting several specific concerns, the Alliance welcomed the European Commission proposal and stressed the urgent need to adopt ambitious ECEC targets.

This statement was endorsed by the following partner organisations of the Alliance:

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