National Roma Strategic Framework: health and housing targets should be clearly defined by Member States

As part of the European Commission’s Roma Strategic Framework for Equality, Inclusion and Participation, every European member state (except for Malta) is required to implement a National Roma Strategic Framework (NRSF). This should have been done by September of 2021, but many member states were not able to meet this deadline. The Roma Coordination Unit of DG JUST has provided the opportunity for civil society organisations and non-governmental organisations to provide them with feedback and recommendations on these NRSF. The Commission will be providing the member states with its own feedback in Autumn of 2022. 

The Roma Health Network has gratefully accepted the opportunity to provide the Commission with feedback and has submitted its recommendations to the Roma Coordination Unit on 11 March 2022. All NRSF that were published were reviewed, with particular attention paid to the Health and Housing sections of the strategies. Thanks to input from the Roma Health Network, the NRSF of Greece, Ireland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain and candidate countries North Macedonia and Turkey were analysed. Some of the main findings of the Network revolve around setting clear targets, capacity building among Roma communities and civil society, an increased focus on mental health promotion, learning about the disproportionate effects of COVID-19 on Roma and recommendations on more effective monitoring of Roma health.  

The document with the Roma Health Network recommendations can be accessed here.

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