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19 November, Brussels – Today Nina Renshaw has taken up the position of Secretary-General at the European Public Health Alliance (EPHA). Ms Renshaw replaces Emma Woodford, who has been Interim Secretary-General since June following Monika Kosińska’s departure (1) to the World Health Organization (WHO). Ms Woodford will now become EPHA Director for Strategic Partnerships and Development.

“I am delighted to join an organisation with an impressive track record of bringing public health concerns to the top of the European policy agenda, and thank Monika and Emma for setting the bar so high,” said Ms Renshaw.

“This new European Commission and Parliament will take decisions which are vital to protecting and improving our health and regaining the public’s trust in the EU. Impacts on health must be fully considered in all EU actions, including economic policy coordination and international trade agreements. Europe has a vital role to play in addressing the public’s urgent concerns about access to high quality healthcare, measures to prevent diseases caused by tobacco, alcohol and poor nutrition and Europe’s preparedness for threats such as Ebola and seasonal influenza.

This starts with giving the right signal by returning leadership on pharmaceutical policies to DG SANCO. Medical devices should follow to show that the public interest will be put first,” commented Ms Renshaw.

The EPHA Board appointed Nina for her EU policy campaigning and management experience and commitment to EPHA’s values. Nina joins EPHA from the Brussels-based European Federation for Transport and Environment (T&E), where she was Deputy Director.

“Nina’s track record will be invaluable to lead EPHA’s advocacy work for better public health towards the new European Commission and Parliament. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank Emma for her hard work and commitment that enabled EPHA to continue so seamlessly through this time of transition,” concluded Peggy Maguire, EPHA President.

-* Notes to the editors

(1) Monika’s last newsletter editorial – EPHA May 2014 Newsletter

(2) EPHA Membership is composed of 97 members from 29 countries of the European region.

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Javier Delgado Rivera, EPHA Communications Coordinator at org , or +32 (0) 2 230 3076.


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