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Preventing Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs)

NCDs are the 21st century’s foremost threat to health, well-being and prosperity. What connects most NCDs is that they are highly preventable and are driven by a number of common, modifiable risk factors related to tobacco, alcohol, unhealthy food, limited physical activity and air pollution. The EU has the powers to prevent NCDs by creating health-enabling living environments. But this potential is vastly underused.

EPHA advocates for a strong European NCD prevention and health promotion agenda that answer to people’s aspirations for a healthy continent for current and future generations.

Strategic documents

Public procurement for sustainable food environments

Towards an EU strategic framework for the prevention of NCDs

Lancet Countdown & EPHA Policy Briefing I Tackling Climate Change and Air Pollution

News & Advocacy

STOP project (Science and Technology in childhood Obesity Policy)

FRESHER project (Foresight and Modelling for European Health Policy and Regulation)

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