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The European Public Health Alliance has joined over 40 other organisations to call for the public interest to be protected in the EU’s new European Partnership on Innovative Health, a letter sent today to the Commissioner for Innovation, Research, Culture, Education and Youth and the Commissioner for Health and Food Safety.

Given the considerable amount of public funds which will be allocated to health research and innovation projects, strong stewardship by the Commission to protect the public interest is crucial. The organisations are calling for:

1. Priority Setting driven by public health needs
2. Transparent, balanced and inclusive governance structures
3. Public return on public investment and ensuring equitable access to publicly funded R&I
4. Full transparency on R&I investments
5. Open science
6. Sensitive health policy issues to be discussed in inclusive multi-stakeholder platforms with strong stewardship from public authorities.

A full version of the letter, with more details on each of the specific proposals being requested can be downloaded below