The report Towards an integrated approach to livestock farming, sustainable diets and the environment: challenges for the Common Agricultural Policy and the UK considers the evolution of policies for livestock farming in the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) in recent years, assesses how far these are changed by the current, “greener” CAP and looks to the future. In doing so it takes account of changing perceptions of the costs and benefits of livestock farming in relation to climate change and public health in particular.

It finds that future policies for the livestock sector should reflect wider societal objectives and develop more coherent approaches to environmental goals and factor in desirable changes to diets, including lower meat consumption in Europe.


The report was authored by the Institute for European Environment Policy (IEEP) and commissioned by the Eating Better alliance with funding from Friends of the Earth, the European Public Health Alliance, RSPB, WWF-UK and Compassion in World Farming.

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