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[Report] The Unpaid Health Bill – how is coal pollution making us sick?

How is coal pollution making us sick? is the latest Health and Environment Alliance (HEAL) report launched on 7 March. The paper provides an overview of the scientific evidence of how air pollution impacts on health and how emissions from coal power plants are implicated in this. It presents the first ever economic assessment of the health costs associated with air pollution from coal power plants in Europe as well as testimonies from leading health advocates, medical experts and policy makers on why they are concerned about coal.

The report reveals that the health costs of coal-fired power stations add a financial burden to the European population of up to €42.8 billion a year.

The report spells out a set of recommendations for policy-makers and the health community on how to address the resulting unpaid health bill and ensure that it is taken into account in future energy decisions.

– Report’s Executive Summary

The Unpaid Health Bill – full report

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