Roma Health and Housing: Filling in the Gaps — A Policy Paper by the Roma Health Network

The second year of the EU Roma Framework for equality, inclusion and participation until 2030 is nearing its end. As the last National Roma Strategic Frameworks (NRSFs) are coming out, the European Commission is finalising its preparations for its recommendations on these frameworks. EPHA’s Roma Health Network (RHN) has been following these strategies as well, focusing specifically on the effects they have on Roma health. 

The RHN has analysed both the national action plans for health and housing, focusing on health outcomes. Based on its extensive research and local expertise, the RHN managed to highlight some blind spots that currently exist in these plans. If the EU Roma Framework is to work towards Roma health equity, these gaps must be filled in. 

This policy paper identified six blind spots addressed through six matching recommendations: 

  1. Commit to health and housing indicators through clear and ambitious action plans with a timeframe and structured monitoring efforts.
  2. Set up a health advocacy scheme from a community-based approach to encourage Roma participation and advocacy by Roma themselves.
  3. Include a psychosocial approach to mental health.
  4. Expand housing strategies significantly to prevent housing inequalities and include a health impact assessment.
  5. Start incorporating Roma environmental justice.
  6. Take lessons from the effects of COVID-19 and how they laid bare inequalities between Roma and non-Roma and ensure a fair recovery and resilience of care systems. 

Read more details in the executive summary or read the position paper for the full analysis.  

Questions or comments? Feel free to get in touch. 

Tomas de Jong
Junior Policy Manager for Health Equity
+32 (0)2 233 38 77 

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