The Employment, Social Policy, Health and Consumer Affairs Council meeting took place on 1 December 2009 in Brussels. A summary of its conclusions on eHealth is available here.

The Council began its conclusions with a summary of previous actions in the field of eHealth, such as a Declaration from the 2009 eHealth Ministerial Conference and the Swedish Presidency’s Report “eHealth for a Healthier Europe”.

A series of national actions was then explained. The Council called the Member States to work on initiatives aiming at enabling the deployment and use of eHealth services. In particular, they have to “build confidence in and acceptance of eHealth services, to bring legal clarity and ensure the protection of the data, and to solve technical issues and facilitate the market development”. More generally, they have to consider eHealth as a way to enhance quality, access and safety in healthcare.

The conclusions continued with a call to the Commission to strengthen the current framework for action in the field of eHealth by evaluating existing eHealth services and related areas and therefore updating the European Action Plan on eHealth.

Together, Member States and the European Commission are called upon to strengthen and increase eHealth activities, and to use them in national healthcare systems

For further information:

Council Conclusions on Safe and efficient healthcare through eHealth


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