Shaping the Future of Tobacco Control in the EU through the Tobacco Products Directive Consultation

The European Public Health Alliance (EPHA) is proud to announce its participation in the recent public consultation on the Tobacco Products Directive (TPD). Our comprehensive response to the consultation is now available in a detailed PDF format, accessible via the link below.

In our response, we addressed crucial aspects of the TPD, highlighting key areas of concern and suggesting improvements to strengthen tobacco control across the European Union. Our focus was on ensuring the relevance, effectiveness, and coherence of the TPD in the face of emerging tobacco and nicotine products, and evolving market and consumption trends.

Key points from our submission include:

  • Clarification and Expansion of Definitions: We advocated for clearer definitions of novel tobacco products, heated tobacco products (HTPs), and additives to address inconsistencies and regulatory challenges.
  • Addressing Challenges of Emerging Products: We emphasized the need for a proactive approach in regulating emerging products like nicotine pouches and e-cigarettes, advocating for a unified regulatory framework.
  • Enhancing Public Health Protection: Our response underscored the importance of aligning TPD provisions with public health goals, particularly in protecting vulnerable groups and addressing the environmental impact of tobacco products.
  • Strengthening Advertising Bans and Measures: We called for more robust measures against tobacco advertising, particularly in digital and social media platforms, to prevent tobacco industry tactics aimed at re-normalizing tobacco use.
  • Ensuring Coherence with Other EU Legislations: Our submission highlighted the need for the TPD to be coherent with other EU legislations, including the Single Use Plastics Directive and the Common Agricultural Policy, to enhance its effectiveness.
  • Targeting a Tobacco-Free Generation: EPHA supports the objectives of Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan and emphasizes the need for decisive actions to achieve a tobacco-free generation by 2040.

Our full response, detailed in the PDF, reflects EPHA’s commitment to advancing public health and shaping robust tobacco control policies within the EU. We invite our members, partners, and the public to review our submission to understand our stance and recommendations on this vital public health issue.

Join us in our ongoing efforts to advocate for stronger tobacco control measures and protect public health across Europe.

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