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The European Public Alliance is one of 40 NGOs led by SDG Watch Europe to join calls today for an EU Recovery Plan which puts the achievements of the Sustainable Development Goals and the Paris Agreement at the heart of a sustainable and inclusive future.

The 10 recommendations for the European Institutions and EU national governments are outlined below:

  • Let this be a Wake-up Call: Our System is the Problem – We need a paradigm shift
  • Make the SDGs and the Paris Agreement the Guidelines to get out of the Crisis
  • Strengthen the Social Protection System and make it Accessible for All
  • Lead the Way to a Socially and Ecologically Sustainable Economic System with Revised, Green Budgets
  • Link Economic Recovery to Clear Conditions and Say No to Bailouts for Polluters and No to Tax Havens
  • Implement Immediate Debt Cancellation and Stop any Unjust Austerity Measures
  • Fight all other Crises too
  • Protect our Democracies, Human and Civic Rights
  • Ensure Transparency of Political Decisions on COVID-19 and Beyond, as well as Full Inclusion and participation of Civil Society
  • Show Transformative Global Action against Poverty and Hunger
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