The one year anniversary of the European Child Guarantee marked by delays in submission and lack of transparency

The 24th of March 2022 marks the first anniversary of the European Commission’s proposal to set up a European Child Guarantee. The Commission called on Member States (MS) to commit to ensuring access to basic rights and services to children, thus strengthening the European Pillar of Social Rights. Member States were motivated to write and publish a Child Guarantee Action Plan (CGAP), with the main aim of setting national targets to lift 5 million children out of poverty by 2030. However, one year after the call for the CGAP to be written, and with the submission deadline being March 15th, 2022, the European Commission received only one completed plan and three drafts.  

The EU Alliance for Investing in Children, of which EPHA is a part of, released a joint statement on this matter with over 20 endorsements from other civil society and non-governmental organizations.  

The statement:

  • Highlights the importance of releasing the plans on time, for the protection and health of children in the European Union, and to live up to their equality and equity aims; 
  • Gives recommendations to MS to ensure transparency and the engagement of civil society, children, parents, and more, to guarantee the success of the plans. 
  • Advocates for the safety and support of children affected by the atrocities against human rights committed in Ukraine.  

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