The Rome Manifesto — reinvigorating Public Health advocacy to put people and the planet first

In May 2023, over 3,000 public health professionals and researchers, policymakers, and students will convene in Rome, Italy, for the 17th World Congress on Public Health.

This year’s congress title rightly acknowledges that the World is in turmoil. The climate crisis, antimicrobial resistance (AMR), and worldwide conflicts have added to the difficulties of recovering from the pandemic and being prepared for future threats. Against this backdrop, ASPHER and EPHA have recognised the urgent need for a reinvigorated public health movement. Together they have brought their constituencies of schools of public health and organisations advocating for health to put people, partnership and funding requirements alongside a proactive defence of evidence-based public health measures. The result is a manifesto demanding action and committing its signatories to five actions for a new public health movement to foster collaboration and co-creation. “We call on all Public Health actors to take this opportunity and effectively advocate for a concerted evidence-based action to safeguard the health of the public globally“.

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