A Healthy European Green Deal?

Putting public health at the heart of the transition to sustainability

The European Green Deal is a general commitment of the European Commission to implement cross-sectoral measures covering energy, transport, agriculture, finances, public participation and many more policy areas. The ambition level is high and the conditions are there to transform these commitments into hard-hitting actions.

 The European Green Deal is the first case study to demonstrate why a stronger and more ambitious EU Health policy is urgently needed. The EU added value on public health can ultimately bring the EU closer to its people – a core goal of the European project. The European Green Deal has the potential to implement the  principles of Health in All Policies (HiAP), breaking outside the healthcare silo. As it was designed prior to the coronavirus pandemic, the EU new growth strategy has to be reassessed to make it fit for a post COVID-19 healthy recovery. With a coherent public health narrative injected into this strategy, it could unleash Europe’s hidden potential to improve population health and wellbeing, while ensuring climate and environmental  sustainability at the same time.

This new EPHA Briefing gives a general overview on the ten key thematic areas of the European Green Deal covered by the policy package and the implications for public health.

For more information, contact

Zoltán Massay-Kosubek

Policy Manager for Clean Air and Sustainable Mobility

Matteo Barisione

Policy Officer, Medics for Clean Air

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