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EPHA 2017 Annual Conference

7 September 2017 • Renaissance Hotel, Brussels

7 september 2017 • Brussels

Enabling change for health: Breaking down barriers to action against chronic diseases

Chronic diseases represent 86% of mortality and 77% of the disease burden in Europe. EU member states spend 9-10% of GDP on healthcare. 80% of this spending goes towards the treatment of chronic diseases, amounting to around € 700 billion per year. Much of this is preventable.


Despite the existence of many well-evidenced health policy recommendations, too few of these have become a reality in Europe. This conference focused on how to use new levers and different levels of power to unleash action to prevent chronic diseases and deliver on the Sustainable Development Goals.


13 Recommendations from EPHA’s 2017 Annual Conference

Recipes for Change: How to break the deadlock to tackle chronic diseases

A challenge to European governments, EU Institutions, local authorities and civil society

Conference Takeaways

  • Enrich your understanding of change to help evolve your organisation’s health promotion strategies
  • Get updated on major societal developments and their relevance for preventing chronic diseases
  • Debate how to set the agenda rather than follow it
  • Understand what action you can most effectively take today
  • Master the business case for including health considerations into private business models
  • Gain insight into the Commission’s and the EU Presidency’s upcoming health agenda

Conference Highlights

  • Discuss the role of commercial determinants in driving the chronic diseases epidemic
  • Discover the role of investors and fund managers in encouraging positive long-term change
  • See what mayors and regional initiatives can achieve for better health
  • Debate with inspiring political and societal leaders on how to achieve policy change
  • Reflect on how European cooperation can be improved for chronic diseases prevention
  • Network with other change-makers for health

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