Antidiscrimination & health equity:
time for action!

30 March 2023

16:30 - 18:00 CEST


Although racism and discrimination are fundamental determinants of health, and the evidence for their impact on both physical and mental health across all life stages is becoming more overwhelming by the day, the issue remains largely unrecognised and unconsidered in the public health domain. This is the driving force behind the Thematic Network DisQo, bringing together now more than 40 organisations, people, with the shared ambition to address institutional and structural racism and discrimination for health equity.

In a series of three webinars, we discussed and delved deeper into key topics that were identified by network members during DisQo’s kick-off meeting on 3 November 2022, which included for example the importance of a clear language and definitions, the evidence base and good quality equality data, the sharing of best practices at different government levels, and the need to break down silos between sectors.

This third and last of the current series webinar brought DisQo’s work so far together and discussed how people and organisations can be brought together to break the silos in which the operate, what role the health sector can and should play in tackling institutional and structural racism and discrimination, and, importantly, what the priorities and concrete actions are for the different stakeholders.

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