Capacity Building for Roma Health Equity

19 May 2022


16:30 - 18:00 CEST


Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, mental health has steadily gained more attention as one of the crucial aspects of wellbeing. This was once again underlined when the European Parliament pointed to the need of a mental health action plan for 2021-2027 in a 2020 resolution. Research points out that Roma often suffer from more mental health issues than non-Roma because of many social determinants of health such as difficulties in access to education, housing or employment.

With the kick-off of the new EU strategic Framework for Roma equality, inclusion and participation until 2030, the need to combat the sectoral effects of antigypsyism is reiterated. The key to this, is to involve Roma and pro-Roma civil society in the policy process, thus bringing essential knowledge from the community to the EU level. Sadly, many CSOs report that this has not happened enough in the current Framework.

This event, organised within the 2022 Romani Week, and organised in cooperation with CESPYD, ESE and KHAM Delčevo addresses two topics. It contributes to capacity building in the Roma and pro-Roma civil society, and voices the importance of mental health in Roma inclusion. Furthermore, it explains the development of CESPYD’s mental health model designed by CSOs and NGOs. This is then illustrated through reports on its successful application in North Macedonia.


16:30-16:40 | Welcome and Introduction

Tomas de Jong, Policy Assistant for the Roma Health Network at EPHA 

16:40-17:00 | Presentation of the Mental Health Model

CESPYD’s mental health model which was developed for an OSF White Paper was explained. This includes how it came to be and what it entails. 

  • Daniela E. Miranda, Research Consultant at University of Seville
  • Belén Soto Ponce, Predoctoral Researcher at University of Seville


Download the Presentation


17:00-17:25 | North Macedonia Application

ESE and Kham Delčevo representatives will describe the application of this model in local communities in North Macedonia, how it was applied and to what successes it has led. 

  • Borjan Pavlovski, Program Coordinator at the Association for Emancipation, Solidarity and Equality of Women 


Download the Presentation
  • Zoran Bikovski, Sociological Researcher at NGO KHAM Delčevo 


Download the Presentation
17:25-17:50 | Open Discussion

An opportunity for members of the audience to reflect on the mental health model, to discuss their own experiences with health-related projects, and to discuss based on questions. 

Presentation by COPASAH Europe

Speakers include:

  • Olga Theodorikakou, Project Manager at Klimaka Greece


  • Jacopo Villani, Mental Health Service Coordinator for Travellers, Health Service Executive


Moderated by Tomas de Jong, EPHA

17:50-18:00 | Concluding Remarks

Tomas de Jong, Policy Assistant for the Roma Health Network at EPHA 

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