Sustainable access to effective antibiotics – what should the EU do?

15 April 2021

16:00-17:00 CET


How can we solve the AMR epidemic?

What is the role of the EU? What can HERA do?

The scientific and structural difficulties in discovering new antibiotics have only begun to be appreciated in recent years, while discussions on how to overcome financial bottlenecks have gathered much attention. To overcome these scientific barriers, the public sector needs to get involved to get the highest priority antibiotics, diagnostics and vaccines developed.

We need a new alternative to the traditional patent-based business model, where the return on investment does not depend on high volume sales or high prices of novel antibiotics. Importantly, we need to have strategies in place to minimize their unnecessary use to keep them effective for as long as possible and ensure they are affordable for those in need from the onset of the development process.

Join our panel to discuss how to foster R&D of new antimicrobial therapies, diagnostics and vaccines in order to replace antibiotics rendered ineffective by AMR, reduce unnecessary use of antibiotics and prevent infections.

Event Speakers

Helle Aagaard

Helle Aagaard

Deputy Director, ReAct – Action on Antibiotic Resistance (Europe)

Rohit Malpani

Rohit Malpani

Public Health Consultant

Timothy Jinks

Timothy Jinks

Head of the Drug Resistant Infections Programme, Wellcome Trust

The discussion was moderated by Yannis Natsis (EPHA).


EPHA’s series of online discussions on key access to medicines (A2M) priorities brings together thought leaders and policy-makers, academics, industry representatives and NGOs, for a frank discussion of European pharmaceutical policies.

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