EPHA #A2MDialogues

A series of online, live, public dialogues putting the spotlight on actionable solutions for access to medicines for decision-makers in Europe

EPHA’s series of online discussions on key access to medicines (A2M) priorities brings together thought leaders and policy-makers, academics, industry representatives and NGOs, for a frank discussion of European pharmaceutical policies.

Take part in our #A2MDialogues to share your questions and ideas and help us develop actionable #A2Msolutions for decision-makers in Europe.

#A2MDialogues 2021 Series

Report on EPHA’s 2021 #A2MDialogues online discussions.


#A2MDialogues 2020 Series

Report on EPHA’s 2020 #A2MDialogues online discussions.

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Find out more about each event:


The Oslo Medicines Initiative: a new social contract with pharma

15 June 2021

A discussion with the WHO European Region and the Norwegian Medicines Agency on the Oslo Medicines Initiative

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Negotiating with pharma: lessons from the EU COVID-19 vaccine negotiations

18 May 2021

A one-on-one interview with Clemens Auer, Special Envoy for Health, Austrian Ministry of Health.

Research Antibiotics

Sustainable access to effective antibiotics – what should the EU do?

15 April 2021

How can we solve the AMR epidemic? What is the role of the EU? What can HERA do?


After COVID-19, what’s next for EU medicines policies?

9 March 2021

A one-on-one interview with Professor Guido Rasi, former Executive Director, European Medicines Agency (EMA).

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Getting it right: Recommendations for a European BARDA

8 December 2020

Will the EU be a wise investor in biomedical R&D or a passive donor? How can we guarantee a public return on public investment?

Pills Grey Background

The Presidencies’ Perspective on the pharmaceutical strategy: Europe’s to-do list on Access to Medicines

25 November 2020

Senior representatives of the EU Presidencies of the EU offer their perspectives on the EU’s revision of the Pharmaceutical Strategy.


A2m Dialogue 191120

Pharma & COVID-19: Winners, losers, prospects

19 November 2020

Is the affordability debate in Europe changing in light of COVID-19? Who are the big winners and losers?

A2mdialogue 2710

The EU’s IP strategy: Enabler or barrier?

27 October 2020

How do we ensure that IP incentives compensate and reward innovation but do not distort competition? What lessons have we learned on IP in the response to COVID-19?


Unleashing meaningful innovation through regulatory reform

19 October 2020

What effect do the shortcomings of current assessment processes have on the quality of innovation? How do we resolve the conundrum of high prices and high uncertainty?

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