Exploration | Meat production and consumption in Europe and public health


The role of meat production and consumption features prominently in debates about the future of food. Health is also increasingly central in thinking about food and food systems reform. This discussion paper offers an attempt to explore the most distinctive connections between current levels of meat production (animal farming) and consumption in Europe and public health.

In doing so, it intends to foster debate and contribute to a richer understanding about the links between food and health, and what it takes to transition to sustainable food systems.


Conceptual framework used to explore the links between meat production and consumption in Europe and public health:

Selection of relevant papers that appeared after finalisation of paper (regular update)


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Nutrition & diet

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Zoonotic disease

Antimicrobial resistance

Air quality

Climate change

The Lancet Seris: Heat and health (2021)

Xu, X., Sharma, P., Shu, S. et al. Global greenhouse gas emissions from animal-based foods are twice those of plant-based foods. Nat Food (2021).

Nature & biodiversity

Occupational conditions

Socio-economic influences

Nicholls, Jill, and Adam Drewnowski. “Toward Sociocultural Indicators of Sustainable Healthy Diets.” Sustainability 13.13 (2021): 7226.

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