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The European Platform for Roma Inclusion will take place on 29-30 November in Brussels. The European Commission is launching an online consultation process which will contribute to establishing the agenda for the European Platform for Roma inclusion.

Only the topics which have been commonly identified by the consulted stakeholders will be put forward for discussion.  From the topics available, EPHA believes that the following topics are most relevant to ensure that the issues concerning Roma health are discussed during the platform meeting

  1. Responsibility and accountability of all stakeholders involved in the process of Roma integration (including Member States, European Institutions, Local authorities, Civil Society and Roma Communities)
  2.  Role of local actors in fostering implementation on the ground
  3.  The potential of social economy and entrepreneurship for Roma

We urge you to support these topics in the survey, available here.  Help us highlight the need to take action to improve Roma health. It is only by highlighting the health challenges facing the Roma community that action will be taken.

The deadline for submissions is 9th September, 2016.

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