Today, on its second anniversary, faced with unprecedented turmoil in Europe, the fate of the EU Farm to Fork strategy hangs in the balance. But the strategy’s vision for a sustainable food systems transition is needed now more than ever.


To secure a prosperous future, Europe needs is a paradigm shift towards a food system that puts the health of people, planet, and animals at its core.

A health-oriented food system can boast many achievements:

— A food system designed around healthy eating is the surest way to achieve food security within planetary boundaries;

— A food system based on health equity will ensure dignity and well-being for consumers, producers and workers alike;

— A food system guided by the recognition that human flourishing depends on the health of the planet will prioritise tackling the climate and biodiversity emergencies;

— A food system focused on the health and welfare of animals will support a transition to sustainable animal farming systems with its many societal co-benefits;

— A food system that strives to fulfil people’s right to health, as well as other human rights, can contribute to people-centred societies that put the public, not private, interest first.


To make this happen, European leaders should keep steady course and not dilute the Farm to Fork’s ambitions. It also means using the upcoming sustainable food systems law as a game changer for the public good.

Next month, EPHA will present its position paper on why Europe needs a health-oriented food system, and what policies this requires.

Watch this space and add your voice to the public consultation on Europe’s food systems law – the best, and maybe last, opportunity to make health flourish!


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