eHealth Week 2017


Every year, eHealth Week gathers stakeholders from across the EU to address international hot topics related to healthcare IT and regional cooperation. The overarching theme of eHealth Week 2017 is Data for Health: the key to personalised sustainable care. Opportunities are growing for ICT to support patient-centered health services and the involvement of patients in their own care, including access to personal health data, sharing of data, and mHealth applications. Malta’s Digital Health Strategy for the years 2017 to 2021 will be presented. This conference is an official part of the Maltese Presidency of the Council of the European Union.

eHealth week is organised by:
The Maltese Ministry of Health | European Commission | HIMSS Eurpoe

In collaboration with:
World Health Organization Europe | HIMSS CHiME International

EPHA is proud to announce its session entitled:

My eHealth, My Way:
Personal Experiences in Effective eHealth Use

Thursday, 11.5.2017 11:45 – 12:45


This session will explore the added value of digital tools designed to increase health awareness and improve disease management. EPHA and its Members will present experiences from specific areas, including mental health and diabetes, to show in what way(s) eHealth meets users’ needs and expectations. We aspire to highlight patients’ enthusiasm and concerns related to the integration of digital tools into healthcare: do they “empower”, and what are the remaining barriers?


Sascha Marschang, Director of Membership, European Public Health Alliance
Lucien Kampijon, Mental Health Europe
Kyle Rose, International Diabetes Federation
Gertrude Buttigieg, Malta Health Network (Moderation)


Will you be at eHealth week? Follow Track 2 on Thursday 11, and join us at 11:45

Can’t be in Malta? Follow the discussion live at #eHealthweek

New EPHA Discussion Paper

The growing field of digital epidemiology: importance and limitations

Reflection paper exploring key aspects in the expansion of digital epidemiology, which occupies an interesting role in the digital transfor­mation of health and care.

COVID-19: speeding up digital health and meeting people’s needs

Case studies on the introduction of digital tools during the pandemic.

Why the public health community must insist on values in the digital transformation

The COVID-19 pandemic has catapulted the digital transformation of health and care further to the league of priority topics at EU and national level. As a result of physical distancing measures and stretched health institutional capacities, the provision...

Making best use of Big Data and AI: There’s nothing artificial about people’s health needs

A new EPHA Reflection Paper explores the potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI) – and the Big Data on which it relies – in the context of the evolving digital transformation of health and care at the EU level.

Report | The future is now: digitalisation and public health

A new EPHA report on how digitalisation is manifesting itself in different facets of public health

Digital health for all?

Patient empowerment and supporting healthcare professionals through digital solutions must involve much more than making available the technology itself: new skills must be developed to increase digital health literacy, safeguard privacy and enable the safest possible online exchanges of personal health data.

Health and Care in the Digital Single Market

This report follows up on previous EPHA policy documents and articles on the topic of health data and personal data protection, taking into account the developments at European (EU) and national levels in the area of digital health.

The Power of Digital Solutions for Health and Disease Management

Digital health plays a growing role across Europe despite the fact that there are still many uncertainties regarding its technical, legal, ethical and financial aspects. Mobile Health (mHealth) in particular, enabled through smartphones, tablets and computers,...

General Data Protection Regulation – EPHA progress report calls for health research exemption in trilogue negotiations

The General Data Protection Reform (GDPR) entered into the trilogue phase in June with the aim of concluding discussions at the end of 2015 or soon thereafter. A new EPHA progress report describes the challenges of the GDPR experienced so far and confirms the crucial role of data for health research and science purposes.

mHealth Green Paper consultation: EPHA’s response

22 July 2014 – Following in-depth discussions with members, EPHA responded to the European Commission’s public consultation on its Green Paper on mobile health (mHealth) in early July. In its response, EPHA emphasises that mHealth development should not only be seen as a way to gain cost efficiencies, but that relevant solutions – including smartphone applications – must first and foremost aim to bring concrete benefits for different types of end users including patients and health professionals. The inclusion potential of this type of innovation is important and needs to be exploited to the fullest by developers and governments to tackle health inequalities.

Mobile Health (mHealth)

September 2013 -Prior to the publication of the European Commission’s Green Paper on mobile Health (mHealth) later this year, EPHA is releasing a briefing paper that highlights some of the principal issues related to the debate.

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