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EPHA #A2MDialogues

19 October 2020



The first in a series of online discussions on key access to medicines (A2M) priorities bringing together thought leaders and policy-makers, academics, industry representatives and NGOs, for a frank discussion of European pharmaceutical policies.

Take part in our #A2MDialogues to share your questions and ideas and help us develop actionable #A2Msolutions for decision-makers in Europe. 

What effect do the shortcomings of current assessment processes have on the quality of innovation?

How do we resolve the conundrum of high prices and high uncertainty?

Our panelists discussed how regulatory and payment systems could be adapted to incentivise the timely generation of quality comparative data on the benefits and harms of new drugs and high-risk devices both before and after their market entry, profiting patients, clinicians, and healthcare systems.


Beate Wieseler,

Head, Drug Assessment Department,

Institute for Quality and Efficiency in Health Care (IQWiG)

Huseyin Naci

Assistant Professor of Health Policy

London School of Economics and Political Science

Lydie Meheus PhD

Managing Director

Belgian Anticancer Fund

Andrea Cipriani MD PhD

Professor of Psychiatry

University of Oxford

Moderated by

Yannis Natsis

Policy Manager, Universal Access and Affordable Medicines

European Public Health Alliance

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Yannis Natsis

Policy Manager, Universal Access and Affordable Medicines, EPHA

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