Air Pollution and COVID-19 are worsening existing health inequalities

Air pollution affects everyone, but not the same way. Dirty air has the potential to exacerbate existing health inequalities, especially for socially disadvantaged groups that are disproportionately exposed to air pollution.


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How air pollution exacerbates COVID-19

BBC Future explores the murky relationship between air pollution and coronavirus, which may mean that tackling air pollution will be a crucial part of easing lockdown. Researchers say findings are particularly important for poor minority communities, who tend to be more exposed to air pollution, contributing to a higher risk of becoming seriously ill from coronavirus.

Inequity in consumption of goods and services adds to racial–ethnic disparities in air pollution exposure

The “pollution inequity” metric is generalisable to other pollution types and provides a simple and intuitive way of expressing a disparity between the pollution that people cause and the pollution to which they are exposed.

Coronavirus: Why some racial groups are more vulnerable

From discrimination to language, a variety of factors are affecting different groups’ vulnerability to coronavirus — with sometimes devastating results.

 How does air pollution interact with COVID-19?

Air pollution and chronic diseases

Air pollution and immunity

Clean air for health

Air pollution and immunity

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