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[EPHA 6th Annual Conference] 2-3 September 2015, Brussels

EPHA 6th Annual Conference 2-3 September 2015, Brussels "Towards a European Union for Health - From Health in All Policies to EU Governance for Health and Well-Being?" Register Now Registrations will close on Friday, 28 August. (...)

[Event announcement] Towards a European Union for Health: Putting discussion into practice

Considering the recommendations proposed by the European Health Parliament (EHP), the session will explore how stakeholders can work together to put into practice a sustainable approach to health across all policies. The number of policies in the (...)

[Event announcement] Launch of the Fundamental Rights Agency (FRA) Report "The Cost of Exclusion from Healthcare: the Case of Irregular Migrants"

The European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA) will unveil key data and findings on the sensitive issue of irregular migrants and access to healthcare. A panel of high level speakers will reveal and discuss FRA’s Report "The Cost of (...)

[Event announcement] EPHA Annual Conference side session: "Policies to prevent obesity-related chronic diseases"

Over half the European population is now overweight or obese. Despite being high on the policy agenda, obesity rates are still increasing and so are their societal effects. This session aims to build awareness of obesity as a key risk factor for (...)

Added therapeutic value of medicines: EPHA/Wemos event in the European Parliament

On 15 July 2015 EPHA and Wemos hosted an event in the Members’ Salon at the European Parliament to highlight (...)...
Updated on 28/08/2015

[Press briefing] ECJ Advocate General delivers Opinion on Scottish Minimum Unit Pricing scheme for alcohol

Join this press briefing at the EPHA Annual Conference with news on a crucial stage in a court case with (...)...
Updated on 28/08/2015

Open letter congratulating Hungarian Minister of Health on plain packaging

EPHA has sent an open letter to Hungarian Minister of Health Gábor Zombor, congratulating him on the initiative to (...)...
Updated on 05/08/2015

EPHA Contribution to the Sustainability Impact Assessment (SIA) Handbook for Trade Agreements

EPHA has recently contributed to the Sustainability Impact Assessment (SIA) handbook for trade agreements. This is (...)...
Updated on 05/08/2015

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