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Moving forward with the European health data space: the need to restore trust in European health systems

Here, we critically argue how fear-based negotiations, rather than strengthening trust, might have hampered it,...

Rare diseases & EHDS: finding a delicate balance between research needs and patient rights

The European Health Data Space (EHDS) could be a new opportunity to ultimately improve the...

The European Health Data Space must prioritise public needs over profit

In our Joint Statement, we call on policy-makers to ensure a society-centred digitisation of healthcare.

Joint Statement on the European Health Data Space Draft Proposal: a call for society-centred digitalisation of healthcare

We, the undersigned not-for-profit organisations, representing patients, healthcare professionals, hospital pharmacists, payers, and healthcare institutions...

CSOs call for balanced implementation of the WHO Regional Digital Health Action Plan — Joint Statement

The digital transition should not leave people behind and exacerbate health inequalities.

A French perspective on the European Health Data Space: health users as stakeholders

The EHDS is an opportunity for all EU members and citizens to benefit from a...

EPHA Newsletter | The European Health Data Space: an Opportunity to Empower Citizens

This month’s newsletter is dedicated to the European Commission’s proposal for a regulation to set...

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