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Extended periods of data protection are not the best solution for either health budgets or access to medicines for all

The patients, healthcare users, and public health organisations we represent are extremely concerned about the...

Will transparency of R&D costs lead to more affordable medicines?

Without clear knowledge of pharmaceutical R&D costs, it is virtually impossible for regulators to design...

What could change in the fight against medicine shortages in Europe?

With the COVID-19 pandemic and the multiplication of antibiotic supply disruptions, the fight against medicine...

Academic development of medicines – a path to solving unmet medical needs

By Dr Ward Rommel, Chair, Access to Medicines Task Force of Association of European Cancer...

CSOs call on the European Commission to publish revised EU pharmaceutical legislation no later than in March 2023

Brussels, 9 March 2023 Dear Commissioner Kyriakides, We, the signatory organisations representing civil society, patients,...

EPF and EPHA met with Commissioners Schinas and Kyriakides to discuss the ongoing pharmaceutical legislation revision and medicine shortages

Brussels, 7 March 2023  Yesterday afternoon, the European Public Health Alliance (EPHA) and the European...

Joint letter | The shortage of antibiotics should be considered a “major event”

To the EMA Executive DirectorTo the members of the Executive Steering Group on Shortages and...

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