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Food, Drink & Agriculture

Eating well is at the heart of well-being. But today’s food and drink environments are not conducive to good health. This EPHA campaign advocates for evidence-based policies to reshape our food system so it helps prevent, rather than promote diseases.

In particular, it works to free Europe’s youth from alcohol and unhealthy food marketing, advance sustainable healthy diets for all, and reinvent the EU’s common agricultural policy.

CAP for Health

Unhealthy marketing

Preventing NCDs


Towards an EU strategic framework for the prevention of NCDs

Eliminating trans fats in the European Union

CAP: 11 Ways to Deliver for Better Health

Latest Developments

Analysis & Opinion

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Past Events

Reinventing the food system

3 April 2019

A new policy agenda to tackle the global syndemic of obesity, undernutrition and climate change.

Leveraging Healthy and Sustainable Diets Through Agricultural Policy Reform

12 June 2018

Make health your business

7 September 2017

AVMSD: what about our kids?

1 December 2016

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Meet our Food, Drink and Agriculture Policy Lead and Scientific Advisors.

Nikolai Pushkarev

Policy Coordinator
+32 2 233 3876

Dr. Aileen Robertson

EPHA Scientific Advisor on Nutrition Policy
Public Health Nutritionist, University College Copenhagen

Prof. Nick Sheron MD, FRCP

EPHA Scientific Advisor on Alcohol Policy
Professor and Head of Clinical Hepatology within Medicine at the University of Southampton, Southampton General Hospital,

Prof. John Britton

EPHA Scientific Advisor on Tobacco Policy
Professor of Epidemiology; Director, UK Centre for Tobacco & Alcohol Studies, Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences

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