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Food Systems & NCD Prevention

Food is at the heart of well-being. But today’s dominant food system is unsustainable: it is eroding health, disrupting ecosystems and reinforcing socio-economic inequities. Non-communicable diseases (NCDs) are the 21st century’s foremost health threat, responsible for the vast majority of premature deaths and diseases. NCDs are highly preventable.

EPHA advocates for policies to tackle the common risk factors to NCDs, and advance a transition towards resilient, sustainable food systems with health-enabling food environments.

CAP for Health

Farm to Fork


Preventing NCDs

Latest Developments


A Farm to Fork Strategy for sustainable food systems


Paper I Public procurement for sustainable food environments

Paper I Towards an EU strategic framework for the prevention of NCDs

Analysis & Opinion


What progress is made towards creating empowering food environments in Europe?


WEBINAR | New opportunities for health in European food & agricultural policies

11 May 2020

Reinventing the food system

3 April 2019

Leveraging Healthy and Sustainable Diets Through Agricultural Policy Reform

12 June 2018

Make health your business

7 September 2017

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Meet our Food Systems & NCD Prevention Lead and Scientific Advisors.

Nikolai Pushkarev

Policy Coordinator
+32 2 233 3876

Dr. Aileen Robertson

EPHA Scientific Advisor on Nutrition Policy
Public Health Nutritionist, University College Copenhagen

Prof. Nick Sheron MD, FRCP

EPHA Scientific Advisor on Alcohol Policy
Professor and Head of Clinical Hepatology within Medicine at the University of Southampton, Southampton General Hospital,

Prof. John Britton

EPHA Scientific Advisor on Tobacco Policy
Professor of Epidemiology; Director, UK Centre for Tobacco & Alcohol Studies, Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences