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Health Equity Feed |SRHR, Racism, and the Political Health Agenda ahead of the EU Elections

The third health equity newsfeed of the year features global and EU developments in sexual...

EPHA and Roma Health Network respond to consultation on national Roma strategic frameworks

Feedback sent to the Roma Coordination Team at DG JUST in December revealed a careful...

PERFECTO, preventing the preventable: an innovative FH paediatric screening project, has just kicked off!

In January 2024, EPHA successfully took part in the kick-off meeting of the PERFECTO project...

Health Equity Feed | Social determinants of health, anti-racist approaches to health systems, and climate change

The first health equity newsfeed of 2024 delves into critical issues, ranging from the latest...

From childhood to adulthood: examining the long-term effects of racial discrimination on mental and physical health

Racial discrimination is increasingly being recognised as a social determinant of health, with growing evidence...

Shaping change: a summary on key learnings from the conference on Racism, discrimination, and health

Opening the dialogue: racism, discrimination and health equity It is imperative to make it a...

EPHA Newsletter | Health equity at a crossroads: marking milestones and charting EPHA’s path forward

“It will be December before you know it” I remember saying all throughout the year,...

The National Roma Infoline: Roma operators respond to nearly 10,000 calls in Ireland

In response to the pressing needs arising from the COVID-19 pandemic, the National Roma Infoline...

Bridging the Gap between the Dual Burden of Homelessness and Cancer across Europe

Cancer is one of the greatest causes of death in Europe, but it does not...

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