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Health Equity Feed | Exploring the intersections of structural inequities and health disparities

This month’s newsfeed features a wide range of articles exploring the intersections of structural inequities...

Response to the European Commission’s Communication on a Comprehensive Approach to Mental Health

We welcome the recognition that childhood is a crucial life stage in determining future mental...

EPHAs response to the European Commission’s call for evidence on the EU Anti-racism action plan

In September 2020, the Commission adopted the EU anti-racism action plan for 2020-2025, which aims...

EPHA Newsletter | Antiracism and antidiscrimination: the real work starts now!

This issue of EPHA’s newsletter is dedicated to health equity and it delves into the...

Discrimination in France: refusal of healthcare for people in precarious situations or migrants in France

Refusal of care is one of the barriers to access healthcare services for people in...

Multidimensional child poverty: family separation and institutionalisation among Roma

Children are disproportionately affected and millions across the world experience multidimensional poverty, even more so...

No child should experience poverty and social exclusion in a Social Europe | Recommendations

By adopting the European Child Guarantee, the EU has demonstrated its political commitment to break...

Roma Week 2023: looking back to carve a path forward

With International Romani Day on 8 April, and Roma Week from 24 to 27 April,...

Health Equity Feed | DisQo Thematic Network — Commercial Determinants of Health — Roma Inclusion

EPHA’s Health Equity Feed aims to keep you up-to-date with the latest news, events, and...

Organisations across sectors call for stronger action against racism and discrimination to achieve health equity

Despite the increasing evidence showing that structural, institutional, and interpersonal racism and discrimination impact both...

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